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Jill Marcott-McCall
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Bit of Natural History

~Winter Red Deer ~  Original Art by Jill McCall©2013
~Winter Red Deer~
~I have been Playing Again~
It has been a Long time since
 I have been able to Sit Down at my Computer 
to do some Digital Art. 
My Creative Muse
has been Whispering in my Ear,
"Go Play~"
~Winter Reindeer~  Original Art by Jill McCall©2013
~Winter Reindeer~
I Love the 
Natural History Specimen Sample Look.
These are the Results of my Play~

Brrrrrr !! It is so Cold here in Oregon 
and it seems we are not alone!
When I woke up this Morning it was -8 Degrees.
Living here in the Willamette Valley, this a Rare Event!
Snow and Sub zero temps.
I know.... some of you are saying,
 "Psh! That's Nothing!"
And You would be Right!!!
Hope you are all Staying Warm!



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