Monday, June 15, 2015


GOLDEN- Original Artwork by Jill Marcott-McCall ©2015
More Art Therapy 
and trying Something New~
 It is not difficult to create 
with these Beautiful 
itKuPiLLi Digitals~
 Visit my shop at Mischief Circus
Original Artwork by Jill Marcott-McCall

Saturday, June 13, 2015


SUNFLOWER - Original Artwork by Jill Marcott-McCall ©2015
I had some time to play today.
Art Therapy is always Good Way to Relax.
These are images from my first purchase from itKuPiLLi !
Thank you Kirsi for another chance to play.

  Visit my shop at Mischief Circus
Original Artwork by Jill Marcott-McCall

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Feathers and Flight
It has been a While
 since my Last Time of Creative Play~ 
I am reminded how much I Love it.
This Fairest Maiden is one of my Favorites.
Autumn & Autumn Bound is their name.
 I can't decide which one I Like Best~
Feathers and Flight
I was Looking at my Last Post
 and Wow!
It has been Almost a Whole Year!
Well I am Hoping to 
Not be Such a Stranger in the Future~
Hope you all have a Wonderful Week~

Original Artwork by Jill Marcott-McCall

Sunday, April 6, 2014

~Song of the Nightingale~

Original ArtWork By © Jill McCall
This is How I have been Spending my Time the Last Couple of Days. 
I am Loving the Natural History Look of Her. 
It seems Birds, Butterflies, and Flowers
 are a Reoccurring theme in my Work.
Song of the Nightingale is my Newest Digital Collage Piece.
Digital Collage Art Work ©Jill McCall
I wanted to Show you the Before and After
 of Ivy. 
( I like to Name All of My Ladies.)
She started off as a Black and White Etching
 then Evolved into Color. 
I wonder if this is what She may have
 Looked Liked in the Engravers Eye~
Hope you are all Having a Wonderful Weekend!

Friday, March 28, 2014

~ A Summers Evening and Somerset Digital Inspiration~

A Summers Evening - Original Art Work by Jill McCall©2014
 I have had a Little Bit of Time 
to Squeak in some Creative Play 
over Spring Break. 
I really Can't Help Myself with Birds, Bugs & Flowers~
A Summers Evening - Original Art Work by Jill McCall©2014
Ever the Student where Photoshop is Concerned,
I have taken a Couple of
 Photo Editing & Photoshop Classes this Month.
 I have Learned some more techniques 
that have brought AMAZING Results!
 Things Like Texture, 
Adjusting Color & Coloring a Black & White Image.
Adding a Glow of Sunlight! I Love that!
Daphne- Original Artwork by Jill McCall
 I am Feeling Like a Very Lucky Duck to Have 
Daphne and Opera de Paris 
Published in the First Edition of Somerset Digital Inspiration!
It is Really an Amazing Book Featuring some of My Art Sisters in Crime,
Theresa Martin and Ingrid Pomeroy!
 Truly these are the First Times 
that I have had Any Recognition
 for anything other that being LATE! Lol!
It is really is Such a Honor
 and I am So Grateful to Jana Holstein from Somerset
 for Liking what I Love to Do!
  I still Can't Believe it !
Hope You All Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Somerset Digital Studio
 I am always Flattered, and so Humbled
 when Somerset Chooses my Art for Publication!
It is so Wonderful to have others Appreciate
 the Things you Love to Create.
 I am so Grateful for this Privilege, and Opportunity
 that Came My Way Once Again!
Thank You Jana Holstein
For Liking my Work Enough to Publish it!!
Happy Dance!!!
 Also Thank You Gale 
 for You Encouragement
 and Amazing Hybrid Images !!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Learning Experience

Digital Collage Beginners Guide by Jill McCall©2013
I started doing Digital Collage
when I Began Blogging in 2007. 
Gosh, Can it be that Long?!
I used a Free Online Photo Editing 
because I was Bound and Determined
 to make my own Blog Header.
I was so proud of that first Blog Header!
(Not it  is being kept in the 
"Isn't that Lovely......
 & Wowee, I have Learned a Lot Since Then! "
Archive File on my Computer.)
Digital Collage Beginners Guide by Jill McCall©2013
 Oh My Gosh I spent Hours 
Teaching myself through Trial and Error. 
I had to save every layer separately because
 if I had made a Mistake, I could undo it.
My Files were Enormous in the Beginning
 and my Poor Computer was getting 
Slower and Slower.
Digital Collage Beginners Guide by Jill McCall©2013
 At some point I had Purchased Photoshop
and had Installed it on my Computer.
 I Found Myself Opening the Program...
then Closing it...
It was New and a Little Intimidating...
But with some encouragement 
from my friend Gale,
 I persevered.
Digital Collage Beginners Guide by Jill McCall©2013
I Learn Best Visually so I formatted the Tutorial this way. I have Included
Multiple Screen Shots with Highlighted  Step by Step Directions.
I wanted to Share with you what I have Learned thus Far.
I am so Happy to be able to Offer this Tutorial to you in my Etsy Shop.
Hope you are Having a Wonderful Week!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Bit of Natural History

~Winter Red Deer ~  Original Art by Jill McCall©2013
~Winter Red Deer~
~I have been Playing Again~
It has been a Long time since
 I have been able to Sit Down at my Computer 
to do some Digital Art. 
My Creative Muse
has been Whispering in my Ear,
"Go Play~"
~Winter Reindeer~  Original Art by Jill McCall©2013
~Winter Reindeer~
I Love the 
Natural History Specimen Sample Look.
These are the Results of my Play~

Brrrrrr !! It is so Cold here in Oregon 
and it seems we are not alone!
When I woke up this Morning it was -8 Degrees.
Living here in the Willamette Valley, this a Rare Event!
Snow and Sub zero temps.
I know.... some of you are saying,
 "Psh! That's Nothing!"
And You would be Right!!!
Hope you are all Staying Warm!



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