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Sunday, January 30, 2011

~Vintage Altered Bottles~

 I Have to say that I Really had a Lot of Fun Making
These Vintage Altered Bottles for my Smitten Class with Nancy!
I felt Like I was
Dressing Cinderella up for the Ball!
I Have Fallen in Love With Re-purposing the Discarded. 
I am Looking Forward to my Next Project with Nancy!
Hope you all had a Wonderful Weekend!

~*Images from Blanca with Magic Moonlight Free Images, Karen the Graphics Fairy,Louise of Bumble Button, Catherine of Mud Bay Images , Paper Whimsy*~

Saturday, January 29, 2011

~Lauren Elaine Designs~

~Pink Lemonade~
~Wild Orchid~
~Something Blue~

I wanted to Share with you the
Wonderful Jewelry my Daughter is Creating!
I am very Excited for her and Happy
that she has Found Something she Really Enjoys!
She is a Full time College Student so
I am Thinking that this is a Good Balance to that Work Load.
I am Happy her Creative Muse has Finally Found Her!
You can Find her Designs on Etsy.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

~Give me Wings to Fly~

My Studio Assistant, Teddy
Finally fixed my Camera Issues so I can show you what 
I made for Nancy's Smitten Class!
I am Happy with the way she turned out!
I Love this Little Sweetpea from Paper Whimsy. Sometimes the Images is all I need for Inspiration. They seem to make themselves.
 Well now I am Off to finish my Bottle for Class 2! I am Learning some really Wonderful Techniques from Nancy! Come and Join the Fun!

~*Images Provided by Karen of the Graphics Fairy
and for Purchase at Paper Whimsy *~

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

~Blanche and Gertrude
wondered how many Eligible Beaus
would be at the Dance ~
~ Caption This One!~

~I Think I will just take my Cheetah for a Walk!~

~No Caption Required~

This isn't the Post I had Planned  on for today .
I worked on projects from my Smitten Class with Nancy Yesterday and was so Excited about  Posting them. Unfortunately when I plugged my
NEW camera into the computer it told me
"You don't Have a Camera Goofy!"
My camera is right there...
So I unplug and Reblug-in my camera to all the Ports and Portals Required By the Computer and the Camera Company..
And tried again....My computer answers..
"Give  your head a Shake Goofy! You don't have a Camera!"
But its Right there... Plugged in.....????
This is the Internal Dialog I am Having with myself and the Computer....
Perhaps I am  going Goofy.........
Well in the End ...After Un-installing and Re-installing software
I discover that
its the cord.........
I think Laughter is the Best Medicine!
Off to get a New Cord!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!

~Images from Karen, The Graphics Fairy
& Vintage Blog~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

~The Junkin Gypsies Day Out~

 This Week  My "Junkin Gypsies" in Crime,  
(AKA:Lemay and my Oldest Girl Lauren )
had a Great time Visiting some of 
our Favorite Antique & Thrift Store! 
We Found some Wonderful Things!
 What More could a Girl ask For?! 
Rhinestone Bling and Lace!
Well Maybe Chocolate... With Nuts..
 Buttons!!! I Love Buttons! 
They are Like Treasure to Me! 
The Mother of Pearl Buttons 
are from Etsy.
 Love at First Sight!
This Piece of Lace is so Beautiful and Delicate.
I Could Not Help Myself!
 I wish they Made Books Like they did Back When...
These are Like little Works of Art! 
There is something about the Smell of Books that I just Love .
These Spectacles Reminded me of 
the ones  my Grandmother, Mabel Had. 
She Was Mabel Iva Bertina Ellingson. She was a Sturdy Norwegian Woman with quite a Business Mind for Her time.
After my Grandfather Died, She Ran a Little Movie Theater 
in the Small town of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.
On Saturday Nights, Blooming Prairie was Hoping! 
As Much as Blooming Prairie could Hop!
All of the Farming Families would come into town and 
pay a Nickel to watch a Movie.That is actually Where my Parents Met.
My Mother Sold Tickets at the Theater and my Dad Ran the Projector.
(PS;The Picture Below is not My Grandmother just in Case you were Wondering)
Lauren Found this Cabinet Card at One of the Stores we went to! 
I am fondly Call her Beatrice of Nebraska.
(Only Because its on the Front of the card)
Lauren was so Excited! 
She said "Put a Hat on her Mom and 
she would make a Wonderful Witch!
Look she even has a Big Wart on her Chin!" 
(I really Hope that Beatrice is Not a Relation to any one of you! 
 If She is.. Please Know that there was No Disrespect intended!)
 More Lace Love!
I am Very Happy to Report that Santa was Very Kind to me this Christmas. He gave me a New Camera which I am Very Grateful for! It is so Wonderful to take Pictures that are actually in Focus! 
~*~ Happy Dance!!!!~*~
It was a Great Day with my Junkin Gypsies!
I have to tell you that I learned a Lot from Lemay! She has been a Collector of Antiques since she was a Girl. That is When she started Collecting Hand carved Mother of Pearl Pins. Have a Peek at How Beautiful they are!
Now I need to get started on 
Nancy's Smitten Class !
I am Little Late Coming to the Dance But Never the Less Glad to join in Finally!
She will be Teaching some of her Wonderful Techniques!Think about Joining in on  the Fun! Just Click on her Button Below and Peruse the Projects she is Teaching!
Thank You Debra for another Vintage Inspiration Friday and Another Opportunity to share and View Everyone's Creative Muses!
Thank You again Debra!
Hope you all are Having a Happy Thursday! 
This Week Went by so Fast!!!
Thank You for Letting me Ramble on So!
You are all Most Patient with me!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

~Something to Share~

 She is a Little Sweetpea!

 She has the Most Beautiful Eyes and 
Such a Gentle Look about Her.
I Love this Picture!
This is a Picture of her Aunt Annette! 
 How Many of us Haven't tried to 
Squeak Ourselves into our Doll Buggies!
I really Love to Share New Places I have Found,
and today I found a Wonderful  Blog Called
Louise is the Generous Hostess 
of this Blog and She is Sharing her 
Most Beautiful Collection of Vintage Images! I have Included above a Mere Sampling of her Beautiful Images and Vintage Photographs! So grab yourself a Cup of Tea and Spend Some Time Perusing Through her Wonderful Images! I am sure you will feel it is time Worthwhile Spent!

 ~Bumble Button~

Happy Thursday Everyone!


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