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Sunday, October 31, 2010

~Home is Where All Journeys Begin~

~Home is Where All Journeys Begin~
I made this Collage With Thanksgiving in Mind. Thanks giving is Probably My Most Favorite of All Holidays. It just about a Turkey and Family! And I am In Love with Both! It makes me so Happy to know  that My Children will have these Fond Memories of Family.
Our Thanksgiving Menu is  Generally 
a Forgone Conclusion! 
It is Always the Same and You Know ..
We all  Seem to Like it That way!
Tradition! Its a Good Thing!..
I Think I Have Heard that Be fore Somewhere....Hmmm

 Its Another Wonderful Brag Monday! 
All Weekend I am Thinking about 
What I should Post or Create!
Thank You Karen! 
What would we all do with out You!
Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!

~Happy Halloween~

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween Everyone!
Hugs Everyone 

Friday, October 29, 2010

~Simply Lovely & A Blog Award !~

 I Just Received my First Blog Award! Wow! 
Thank you Susan from Pieces of Fate for Thinking of me! 
It is so Wonderful to be Recognized for Something you Love Doing!
Now I am Suppose to Pay it Forward!

This is a Button I Created  for this Award.
(I am So Sorry...I cannot Help My Self!! 
Its My Desire to Create Pretty Things and Beautify the World!)
This Lovely Sweet Girl is Courtesy of Vintage Blog
You May Choose Either Button! 
Its Up to you!
I Made Simply Lovely for my 
Dear Friends that are More Shy 
about receiving Awards.

Here are Blogs That Inspire me,
& make me Smile.
Leave me with A Good Feeling
or Something to Think about. 

~I Know that Some of you  Prefer Not to Receive Blog Awards. 
I would still Like to Personally Recognize You and Thank you
Because you have Been an Inspiration to me 
and so Incredibly Supportive!~

Here is What you do. 
Place Blog Award on your Side Bar  
Then Pay it Forward to 15 Blogs 
that You would Like to Recognize!
Great Big Hugs and Thank You to all of you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

~Dancing in the Moonlight~

~Dancing in the Moonlight~

Another Brag Monday Collage! The Last one before Halloween so I was Inspired  to do One More Collage with All Hallows Eve in Mind.
I am Thinking that I must really Like these Colors because I am Starting to Notice a Trend in my Work!! Maybe its Just My Appreciation of Autumn Colors. They Just feel so Homey and Warm to Me.
I Have used  Quite a Few different Layers here. The Background and Mask are Courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations. The Music Manuscript is Courtesy of  Art Freebies. And of Coarse the Wonderful Spooky Looking Trees are Courtesy of Karen our Wonderful Hostess of Brag Monday and the Graphics Fairy!

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!

Friday, October 22, 2010

~ Under a Halloween Moon Tea Party~

" Perhaps Next time.....
We Should Invite 
Maleficent  to the Party."

I Love Parties! So Much Fun to be Had!  
A Great Big Thank You 
to our Lovely Hostess
for Hosting this Wonderful Tea Party!! 
It is Such a Wonderful Way to Meet and Make New Friends!

Walt Disneys Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorites as a Girl!
Maleficent Scared the Heck out of Me but I found Her Fascinating!
The Story Behind this Collage was Inspired by a Friend.
I was Planning a Party and Was trying to figure out my Guest List. 
Some I was on the Fence..Should I?..Or Shouldn't I??  
My Good Friend Lorri reminding me ..
"Remember what Happened when they didn't Invite Maleficent to the Party!!!"
I don't know How Long it was before I stopped Laughing about it! 
Every time I Think about it ..It makes Me Smile!
Thank You Lorri!

So In Honor of our Good Friends!! I Made some Buttons to share with You! 
There is Nothing Like Good Friends!

                  <-         220x500                            170x386   ->

Just Right Click and Save to your Computer.
The Pair of Lovely Gals are Courtesy of 
Blanca of Magic Moonlight Studios!
I Hope You Enjoy these Gals!
Thank You all for Coming! Come Back Soon!
~Hugs Everyone~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

~Promises Made~

Jane Austen and This Beautiful Regency Lady were the Inspiration for this Collage. I used a lot of Different Images to Layer this Collage. It was fun to Play around with different Textures. I am really Liking the Jane Austen themed collage! Might Have to do a Few More!
This Lovely Regency Lady 
is Courtesy of 
Karen,the Graphics Fairy!
Have a Wonderful Day Everyone! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

~Gratitude Friday~

The Beauty of Nature

~Things that make me Laugh~      Squirrel!

~The Smell of Coffee in the Morning~

~Carrot Cake~ Yum!

~My Wonderful Children~
~My Adorable Husband~

These are Just a Small Sampling of what I am Grateful for
My Family holding the Top Spot! 
The Smell of Coffee Every Morning that my Sweet Husband Makes for Me!
The Beauty of Everything around  Me!
Things that make Laugh! I Just Love this Squirrel!!
Carrot Cake on my Birthday!
This Might be a  Beginning to Something Wonderful!
~Gratitude Friday~
What do you think ? Shall we Do it?!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Hugs Everyone, 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wish Me Luck....!!!

~My Sweet Girl~

~A Perfect Melody~

Well I finally Got up Enough Courage to try Submitting some Pieces of my Art to Somerset Studios! I am Excited and I Have to Admit...Nervous Too. In my Collage Coterie Class with Mary, I was Encouraged by a Couple of my Fellow Students to Submit A Perfect Melody . Well We Shall see Where this Journey will Take Me! Keep you Fingers Crossed!
Have a Wonderful Day Everyone! 

~Brag Monday ~The Most Potent Muse....

~The Most Potent Muse...
Brag Monday is Here again! A Great Big Thank You to 
for Hosting this Event for us all! I Appreciate her Efforts in Finding us such Stunning Images to work with! 
Also a Great Big Thank You to Cindy
For Hosting Her Creative Spirit Challenge!

This Collage went together almost by itself.  
These Lovely Woman are Painting from James Tissot.
His Work is so Inspirational & Beautiful . 
The Painting I have come across thus far are in
Rich Warm Colors
Click on his name and have a Look!
His Paintings are Truly Enchanting!
Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~The Most Potent Muse....

I just Love this Quote.As a Girl I was forever Drawing, Coloring, Cutting, Building or Sewing Something.
For a While, Creativity was Tucked Away waiting to be Dusted off and Brought out Again. I am so Grateful to be Creating again.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Halloween is coming soon! 
My Children Decorated our House over the Weekend. Lauren, My Oldest, Her Birthday is this Month so Halloween is Very Big Around Here!
Boo was Fun to Put together!  I Used a Background from The Graphic Fairy.
Thank You Karen!
And Finally opened an Esty Store, with the Help of my Friend Lemay! I am Putting together "Boo" to List on my Esty Store along with some other Fun Stuff!
Look for My Opening Soon!


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