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Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Amanda Jade~

Hello Every One! It feels so Great to get back to Creating!
My Muse Has been Whispering for me to get back to it.
I Managed to find some time to put
Amanda Jade
together .
She went to My Aunt for her Birthday.
My Aunt has always been such a
Great Supporter of my Work.
Even the Beginning stuff......
You Know what I Mean.
The Stuff that we thought was Wonderful then
and we see now...
Holy Cow!!!
"Please Aunt Sis don't Tell anyone I made that...
Tell them you bought it at a Garage Sale or something.!"

My Amanda Jade Image is from Paper Whimsy!
Doesn't She Look Like she is Full of Beans !
That Fiery Red Hair! I Just Thought she was Adorable !
and I want to Thank our Gracious Hostess  Debra!
Thank you So Much Debra!

 Hope you all are  Having a Wonderful Week!
The Weeks seem to Fly By don't they!
Happy Thursday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

~Woo! Oh What Fun that Was!!~

 Hello Everyone!
Well our little Giveaway was a Wonderful Success
Thanks to all of you!
Congratulations to our Winners!
~*Julie of a Vintage Chic Won Belle Tresor!*~
Yay Julie!
And Lemay and I gave away Ephemera Packs away 
to 5 More Lucky Gals!
~Cindy of' Lily's Lace'
~Shawna of 'A Dandoislion Life'
~Tiffany of  'The Cranky Queen'
~Dolly of 'From my Cherry Heart'
~Mrs B of 'Go Ahead...Take a Bite'
Yay for all of You Gals!!

Oh what fun it was!  It feels Like after 
Hosting a Wonderful Party. 
You know the Day after Feeling when you are 
Tired But Enjoying Reflecting Back to the Party
and How Much Fun Everyone Had!
The Funny things People Said and Did!
I Love Giving Parties/Giveaways like that!
Thank you for Participating in our Giveaway/Party !
And also for all of your Sweet Comments 
of Encouragement and Support!
Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, March 25, 2011

~The Time is Almost Here~

Hello Everyone!
The Time is Almost Here for our Drawing! 
You have until Midnight Pacific Time to enter!
The Junkin Gypsy Store is Officially Open
and we Plan to Add to it Everyday!
Tomorrow the Winner will be Announced!
Thank You so Much for your Support and Sweet Comments.
Lemay and I are So Excited about offering Belle Tresor  
and wish you all Luck Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~A Little Something More~

Hello Everyone!
I found a Little Something More for 
The Gypsies Belle Tresor Giveaway!
Well our Giveaway will be Ending Soon.
You will have Until Midnight on March 25th to entering!
We will announce the Winner 
on Saturday, the 26th of March
Good Luck to You all!

And Thank you for your Encouragement & Support 
and very Sweet Comments!
Click below to Enter
Hopefully after the Gypsies open, 
I Can start creating again! 
I Miss it very Much!
Hope you all are having a Wonderful Week!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

~Studio Inspiration~

 I Love the Garden Feel of this Studio.
This Studio is out of a Country Living Magazine . 
Isn't Her Work Lovely! I Love that she Surrounds herself 
with her own work for Inspiration.
I Love the Vintage  Boxes and the Labeling.
The Idea of a Caddy Like this is so Clever! 
You can take it and go any where!

This Butlers Pantry is Great!
I Love combining your supplies into your Display!
I am sure that Luggage Tags
are something you have all seen before!  I Found these in the Dollar bins
at our Local Michaels.
That is where I got the Luggage Boxes.
( 50% off! I Love Sales!)
This is a Little thing I came up with after Perusing the Local Thrift Stores. I kept seeing these Lovely Silver Pedestals for Chafing Dishes. They were Lonely Petunias with no Chafing Dishes to be seen. I am always Thinking Hmmmm... What Can I Make with this.
Well then I came across this Silver Relish tray with the Glass still in tact. Don't worry it wasn't the Prized Family Silver 
just an Inexpensive Silver Type Relish Tray ! Lol!
The How-to of it is really Easy! Just flipped the Tray over,
Center the Pedestal and used some 
E-6000 Glue to adhere the Pedestal to  the Tray.
Let Glue have time to set. 
Thats It! Easy Peasey!
Elevating my Collection of Bling gave me
more Space in my Tiny Little Studio. 
I Find Inspiration in seeing what I have to Work with.! 
This was another Thrift Store Find!
Hope you enjoyed some of my Studio Storage Display Ideas! 
Thank You Debra for another Inspiration Friday!
Thank you so Much for Being our Gracious Hostess!
Hope you Will all take a Peek My New Blog
and New Adventure with My Friend Lemay!
Hope you sign up for our Giveaway too!
Just Click on the Link Below!

Hope you are all Having a Wonderful Weekend!


Monday, March 14, 2011

~It makes me so Very Happy!~

 It make me so Very Happy to Give Back to my Good Friends! 
You all have been so wonderfully Supportive and Giving!
The Giveaway we Gypsies( Aka: Lemay & Jill) have put together 
is only a Small Token of our Gratitude!
We added some more to the Giveaway today!
Lemay has put together a Wonderful pack age of Ephemera !
Have a Little Peek!
You can Enter our Drawing HERE!

Have a Wonderful Evening My Friends!!


Friday, March 11, 2011

~Oops! I am a Goof again...Sorry!

 I apologize.. I didn't Make Chances to win our Giveaway Clear Enough ....
Sorry! That is the Goofy Girl In Me!! So Sorrry!
Please be sure to Leave 3 Separate Comments 
to Have 3 Chances to Win! I want Everyone to have the Same Chance of Winning!!
1st~Make a Comment on the Junkin Gypsies Blog
2nd~Become a Follower of the Junkin Gypsies
3rd~Grab our Giveaway Button Above
and Post it on your Side Bar with a Link  Back to our post
for a 3rd chance to Win !!!
Yay!!! Aren't Giveaways FUN!!!!
(Well...if the Giver isn't being a Goof! Lol!!)
Click HERE to go to Junkin Gypsies!

~Its Time for Junkin Gypsies Giveaway!~

~*Belle Tresor*~
Its Time for the Junkin Gypsies Giveaway! 
Click on the Gypsy Link Below to see 
Whats in Store for You my Sweet Friends !!!
I am Soooo Excited! I can't Wait to Here What you All Think!!!
 Good Luck Everyone!
Happy Friday!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

~Almost Time for Something Wonderfully Fun~

Its Almost Time!!!!
Check Back with us Tomorrow and see
What Two Friends Have in Store for you!
 Happy Thursday Everyone!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

~Something New and Something to Share~

Something New is Coming..... Something Wonderful....
Something to Share.. a Giveaway!




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