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Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Market Place with Common Ground

~*Monday Market Place 
with Debra of Common Ground*~
A Notion that is So Incredibly Generous
and Absolutely Brilliant!
This Idea that Debra has  Come up with
has Reminded me How Incredibly Generous 
the Woman of this Blogging Community Are!.
Such a Brilliant Idea to support other Woman
with their Online Business
by Hosting
a Market Place Link Party!

Please be Sure to Visit Debra 
and all of the Wonderful Items Listed 
Oh My Debra!Thank you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Wonderful News to Share!

Daphne & Opera de Paris- Jill Marcott- McCall ©2012
 I want to Share something really Special with you
 that still leaves me in Humble Wonder! 
Somerset Digital Studio is Publishing 
two of My Digital Collage Pieces.
Daphne and Opera de Paris!
 Maybe I am being Silly but Every Time
I Click Publish on My Blog 
or Click Send when I Email my Work,
I get a Little Nervous.

Daphne & Opera de Paris- Original Art Work By Jill Marcott- McCall ©2012
Your Art is so Much a Part of You 
and a Reflection of the Things You Love,
It is Humbling to have others Appreciate
  it and to Be recognized for it.
Daphne & Opera de Paris- Original Art Work By Jill Marcott- McCall ©2012

 Daphne and Opera de Paris will be in the March Issue
 and I still Can't Believe it!!!
 I Almost Made the Cover!! 
Can you Believe that?!! 
Have a Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~Field of Wonder~

A Sweet Pretty Girl ...
A Garden View... Butterflies..
Antique Lace and Mother of Pearl Buttons.
Some of my Most Favorite Things.
~Field Of Wonder~
What could be more wonderful
Than the place where I walk sometimes?
Swaying like trees in rain . . .
Swaying like trees in sunshine
When breezes stir nothing but happiness . . .
What could be more lovely?
I walk in the Field of Wonder
Where colors come to be;
I stare at the sky . . .
I feel myself lifting on the wind
As the swallows lift and blow upward . . .
I see colors fade out, they die away . . .
I blow across a cloud . . . I am lifted . . .
How can I change again into a little girl
When wings are in my feeling of gladness?
This is strange to know
On a summer day at noon,
This is a wild new joy
When summer is over.
The scarlet of three maple trees
Will guide me home,
Oh mother my dear!
Fear nothing: I will come home
Before snow falls!
~*Hilda Conkling*~
Hilda Conkling was an 
Eight year old Girl 
when she Wrote this Poem.
It was my Inspiration for this Piece.
My Sweet Lass is from Paper Whimsy
Along with the Butterflies and Garden Background.
She is on an Artist Canvas Embellished 
with  Many of my Favorite Things!
She will be Listed in my Etsy Store!
Have a Wonderful Valentines Day Everyone!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My First Paper Whimsy Inspire Project

I cannot Tell you How very Excited I was 
to become a 
Guest Designer for Paper Whimsy
Thank You Again Gale
for giving me this
Wonderful Opportunity!
I must Confess that 
I was a Bit Nervous about  coming up
with a Project for my First Inspire Tutorial.
 I changed my Mind Several Times
before Creating  Be Mine & Sweet.
Both are Artist Canvas Collage 
using a Blend of 
Paper, Fabric, Lace, 
and Mother of Pearl Buttons.
 Please have a Peek 
if you would Like to 
Learn how to make these for Yourself.
They are also for Purchase in my Etsy Store.
'Little Petal of my Heart' needed some company!
Teddy the Studio Assistant 
doing what he does best.
I am so Excited about this New Adventure!
Happy Creating Everyone!!
 Linking Up With
and Cindy of Whimsical Musings
Thank You Debra & Cindy!


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