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Monday, July 18, 2011

~Windows into our Hearts~

 I Just wanted to take a Moment and
Thank You All for Visiting me in
my Humble Little Studio
And all of your Sweet Comments! 
Also I would Love to Thank Karen from My Desert Cottage 
for Hostessing this Wonderful Blog Party 
so we could get a Glimpse into where the Inspiration Begins!
I Enjoyed Visiting Everyone that I Could.
( Getting Ready for our Trip to Visit my Father In Law in Canada tomorrow.
I Hope to Continue when I return)
I Must  say That it was so Marvelous 
to see Everyone's Creative Spaces! 
Our Studios Tell so much about us don't they,
And are so Uniquely Our Own.

 Where we Create is 
Truly a Window 
Into our 
Hearts and Spirit 
don't you think?
 We are Leaving Bright and Early tomorrow for Canada.
A Very Long Car Ride ahead but 
We are Anxious to see My Father in Law. 
Thank You all for your Kind Words of Support and Prayers. 
They meant so Much.
Thank you
See you all Soon My Friends and a Have a Wonderful Week!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

~*Where Bloggers Create*~

 Hello Everyone and 
Welcome to my Studio! 
I want to start off with a Big Thank You 
to our Very Gracious Hostess 
Karen of My Desert Cottage!
Yay Karen! 
Thank you so Much for this Wonderful Party!
I Have to tell you that my Studio is Teeny Tiny!
I have been Banished to the my Bedroom 
but Shhh.. don't tell anyone..
I really Love having my Studio there! 
My Mood Board is the First thing I See in the Morning.
I Love waking to  my Creative Muses!

 My Vintage Altered Bottles 
I created with Nancy Maxwell James!
think I just might have to make some more of these!
  Studio Right
My Inspiration for this Lamp came from PB,
They wanted .. Wow!  
A Lot of Money 
for their Lamp!
So I decided to come up with My Own.
This is Made with my Own Collection of Images, 
A Tomato Cage, 
Office Depot File Clips,
and A Pull Chain Lamp Kit from Home Depot.
The top is an Old Bedroom Ceiling Light
(Circa 1970's)
That I found at a Local Thrift Store.
Black Spray Paint was all it Needed!
Using my own Collection of Images 
made it More Personal and Fun not to mention 
How Beautiful they are Illuminated!

  The Big Picture.. Well the Tiny Picture!
   I Love these Old Watch Faces.
 This is my Mood Board.
 I Like to Have my things Out so I know what I have.
I am kind of like Dory from Finding Nemo....
Short Term Memory.

  I Love Old Books....
  I Love using  Serving Pieces for Display. 
They are Wonderful for Organizing your Collected Pieces.
Did I tell you about my 
Love Affair with Buttons and Lace?!!
After Visiting most of your Blogs...
I have discovered I am not Alone! Lol!
  Don't they Look Scrumptious!
 Aaaa Yumm!
 I started keeping a Project Box. 
It just helps me to stay more Organized .

I Made this for Organizing My Collection of Jewelry.
If you would Like to Learn more on how to make your Own
Click Here

Well this is it! Pretty Tiny isn't it!
    Thank you for the Visit! 
Hope you found something to inspired you!
Thank You Again Karen for being our Wonderful Hostess!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~Opéra de Paris~

~*Opéra de Paris*~

She is called
and is the work of
 Hubert von Herkomer.
(Finally came up with the a Match for my 'Daphne'.) 
Both of these Images are the result of 
New Technique of Engraving 
created by von Herkomer and 
his Colleague Norman Hirst in 1899.
'Herkomer devised a method of engraving he termed, modestly, 'Herkomergravure'. He would ink by hand and with swabs of cloth on a lithographic stone, take a monotype from it, and photo-engrave the result onto a copper plate. This gave a very free and soft effect. In Daphne, he used it to create the drapery and some of the skin tone. But then, on the copper plate, mezzotint has been applied by Hirst to build the skin contours of the face and shoulders, and etching has been used to give the hair and leaves form. This combination of methods, giving 'soft' and 'hard' effects, make this engraving extremely striking.'
;From Victorian Web. Org
The Beauty was already created for me 
using these Incredibly Lovely Etchings.
Inspiration came easily.
Hope you all are having a Wonderful Week!

Thank You Karen!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

~Rue Lafayette No 33~

 I started this Project Quite a while ago and  have only just Finished it!
Well..Almost Finished....
The Inspiration behind this piece came from wandering around one of our local thrift stores.  I noticed that they had  many Old Silver Chests in various conditions and some had just wonderful details.
This one in particular had another Drawer as Well.
Just a little sanding and some Black Paint made a Huge Difference. 
You know me! I can't stop there

 I removed all of the old Moleskin and Wood Slots for the Silver Pieces and replaced them with New Fabric and Chipboard. 
I just Love this French Script Fabric!
So Many little Details to work with!
I also Made a Ribbon Board  and glued it in the Lid.
At my Local Craft store 
I Purchased these Wood Compartmentalized Trays.
They Received some Sanding and a Nice Coat of Black Paint as Well. 
I cut Long strips of Contrasting Fabric to Line the Compartments going up and over and Down into the next Compartment.
I also Frayed the Edges of the Fabric Because I Liked the Look it Gave.
I then cut Squares of Frayed Fabric 
and Placed them at the Bottom of Each Compartment.
I didn't Even find it necessary to glue the Fabric down
 With all of the Left over thread from the Fabric 
I made a Little Nest for My Dove.
A Little Something Unexpected and yet still Cohesive!
 For the Top I made a Stencil using a n Exacto Knife 
and a Heavy Piece of Card stock.
Using Gold Leaf
I Dabbed and Brushed it on until I liked the Look. 
I also used Gold Leaf to Highlight the edges of my piece 
using a Brush and Sometimes just my Finger.
My Images are Courtesy of Karen, 
Our Very Favorite Graphics Fairy!!
The Wreath Here 
and the French Address Here.

 Rue Lafayette No 33
 I Love Using this Piece for all of my Bling!
Hope you enjoy my little Project
and maybe feel Inspired to create one of your own!
Have a Wonderful Week Everyone!



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