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Monday, February 28, 2011

~A Feature in Whimsical Musing Magazine!!!~

My Friend Cindy Adkins has Generously
Featured My Vintage Altered Bottles
  in her Wonderful Whimsical Musings Magazine!
Cindy has Put Together an Online Magazine
Featuring many Amazing Mixed Media Artists! .
Once again Cindy's Generosity and Hard Work
for us all is Above and Beyond!
I Sometimes wonder how she does it all!
Please go take a Peek at her Magazine and her Blogs!
I cannot Thank her Enough for her Support and Encouragement!
Cindy you are so Appreciated!
Thank You Again!

My Vintage Altered Bottles were Made while I was Taking 
Nancy  Maxwell James,  Smitten Class!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~Spring Cleaning ~

~Jessie Wilcox Smith~
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
~Jessie Wilcox Smith ~
When the Fairies come Out
~Ida Rentoul Outhwaite~
~Ida Rentoul Outhwaite~

This weekend was spent mostly Cleaning my Studio/work corner. It was nice to sort through everything and Organize it. Now most everything has a place and a Label. This is Kinda a New Something for me because I tend not to be the most organized person around. I think I drove my poor Mother Crazy when I lived at home. She Loves to organize and sort. She is my Girl when I need to go through my closet or cupboards! "Really!! you want to go through your Closet?! I will be Right Over!!" Lol! I really do appreciate her and her help!
My sister Julie is just like her. Julie is Mentally Disabled and lives with my folks. Julie Loves to Do Laundry! My Mom and Dad have the WHITEST Whites in town! Maybe even the Pacific Northwest! Julie Pesters me all the time to come over and do Laundry. To her it is the Equivalent of winning  Power Ball ! She is such a Good Kid! I call her a Kid, when she will be 58 in August AND my Older Sister! If you ever met her you would know what I Meant. My Husband Mark tells her to go get her wallet and gives her all of the Change in his Pocket for doing Laundry. She doesn't want Paper Bills... Just coins. She might have at any given time 25 dollars in change in her Wallet. Believe me when I say she knows Exactly how many Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters are in there! She is Great!  I Fondly call my Mother and Sister Frick & Frack!
Have a Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I have Procrastinated Enough and need to get back to
Finish my Studio/work corner! Lol!
~From my Friend Carol Anne ~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~New Blog Button Part 2... I just can't Help Myself!.

 Hello again! I just can't Help Myself ...I think its my Perfectionist Alter-Ego!
That sounds good! I am Going with that! The previous button I Noticed on Charlene, Carol Anne and Julie's Blogs that it has a Black Margin around it. I think it might be the File I saved it in... Sooooo I remade it! I know.. I know...I am shaking my Head at myself too..
I kinda Like How this one turned out though....
The Button below is scaled to fit 
a 220width sidebar

Happy Wednesday! Again.......!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~Spring Beauty~

I am Hoping  that Spring is just around the corner! I am Ready for it as I am sure Many of you are too! Especially my Mid Western and East Coast Friends!! I was thinking that if I Changed my Blog to Spring.....well just Maybe...  Who Knows! Certainly not our Local Weatherman!  Lol!
I made Spring Beauty to Share a Little bit of Spring
with all of My Sweet Blogging Friends!
And Below is  a New Button for my Blog to Share with you if you would like! A Little Hint of Spring for all of You!
(Scaled to 220 width)
My Lovely Images Came from

Sunday, February 13, 2011

~Little Petal of my Heart~

  Little Petal of my Heart is my very 
First attempt at Fabric Collage.
This is another Wonderful Tutorial from my Smitten Class With Nancy! 
I am Learning so many new Techniques in her Classes! 
I am really Enjoying the opportunity to branch out and try new things! 
I have to admit that I found this to be a Big Challenge! 
I spent 3 Days working on her. 
I think that I sometimes Over Think Things and can be my own worst critic. 
Now I am Ready for another one to Apply what I have Learned!!
I am Hoping to Complete my Remaining Pieces soon 
and will Post them as soon as they are Done.  I am as Slow as Molasses in January as My Grandpa would say and Nancy has been so patient!
Our Smitten Class is Winding Down  and I want to 
Thank Nancy for this Wonderful Coarse!
She will be having another one coming up 
and I Encourage you to join in the Fun!
Happy, Happy Valentines Day Everyone! 
Hope your Day is Wonderful and Spent with the ones You Love!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

~My Sweet Miss Katelyn~

My Sweet Little Katelyn
has been keeping me Company
in the little Space I Call My Studio. It is more Like a Corner in the Family room so I can be with the Family while I Work
.(Shhhh Don't tell but its also to keep tabs on them....They are Always up to something! Lol!)
This is Katelyn's Creation above!
 I think it is Beautiful and she was so Proud of it!
She asked me to Post it for all of my Blog Friends to see. I think you will be seeing more of her Creations. 
She Loves Art just as Much as I Did when I was Her Age.
 ~My Sweet Girl~

Hope you are Having a Wonderful Weekend!

Friday, February 4, 2011

~A Dream Come True~

Yesterday I received an E-mail from 
Jennifer Jackson of Somerset Studio  Telling me that 
A Perfect Melody has been Selected as a Featured SpotLight in the 
Summer 2011 Somerset Studio Gallery Issue! 
This is the First time I have Ever been Published. 
I can't tell you how Grateful I am, 
and how Wonderful it Feels to have your Work, your Love 
being Recognized like this from such an Esteemed Publication.
I think I am a Great Big Silly Marshmallow
Because I found myself Crying!
Well I have to Confess that I cry over Hallmark Card and Even some 
Folgers Coffee Commercials!( You know the one where the Son comes back for Christmas from his Tour of Duty..)
I Know!!I can't Help Myself! Marshmallow!
I created A Perfect Melody While taking
Mary Greens, Collage Coterie Coarse!
I learned Marvelous Techniques from
Mary and Her Most Wonderful Coarse!
Happy Friday Everyone!
Happy Dance! I Am so Excited!


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