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Jill Marcott-McCall
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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hello Dear Friends!
I have been spending quite a bit of time in my Studio
doing Quite a Few different swaps! 
I find it takes me a while to Create and Craft my Pieces.
My Grandpa would say I was as 
'Slow as Molasses in January'!
I don't know... I do find it a Process. 
I can have one Idea in my Head in the Beginning
but the finished piece can be Completely Different! 
Well if I am Just Slow 
too Detail Orientated and a Perfectionist,
All I can say is I am Having Fun Every step of the Way!!
What is your Creative Process? 
Does your Piece Evolve as you Create like Me?
I have been creating some 
Digital Collage Again. 
( Talk about a Slow Process...for me anyway! Lol! )
and the 
Oh my Goodness!
I cannot Tell you how many Beautiful Images I have from Karen 
waiting to become a Piece of Art!!!
So Many Possibilities!
So much FUN to be Had!!
Thank You Karen!!! 
Steam Punk Digital Elements 
from Brandy Murry's,
is a Label for some Mixed Media Collections
I am putting together.

 ~*Hope you have Enjoyed my Little Bit of Whimsy*~


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