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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Playing with Light & Color

A Deep History- ©Jill Marcott- McCall
A Deep History
 I have Been Playing with Light & Color Lately. 

Deep Roots- ©Jill Marcott- McCall
Deep Roots
The Result has taken my Artwork in Different Directions
 and I am Liking the Results.
Into the Light - ©Jill Marcott- McCall
Into the Light
Artistically, I must have a Lot to say.
It is has change from a Trickle
to pouring out of me in a prolific fashion.
Bella - ©Jill Marcott- McCall

She has a Big Heart - ©Jill Marcott- McCall
She has a Big Heart
 Have a Wonderful Week and Thank You for Visiting- 
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