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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Learning Experience

Digital Collage Beginners Guide by Jill McCall©2013
I started doing Digital Collage
when I Began Blogging in 2007. 
Gosh, Can it be that Long?!
I used a Free Online Photo Editing 
because I was Bound and Determined
 to make my own Blog Header.
I was so proud of that first Blog Header!
(Not it  is being kept in the 
"Isn't that Lovely......
 & Wowee, I have Learned a Lot Since Then! "
Archive File on my Computer.)
Digital Collage Beginners Guide by Jill McCall©2013
 Oh My Gosh I spent Hours 
Teaching myself through Trial and Error. 
I had to save every layer separately because
 if I had made a Mistake, I could undo it.
My Files were Enormous in the Beginning
 and my Poor Computer was getting 
Slower and Slower.
Digital Collage Beginners Guide by Jill McCall©2013
 At some point I had Purchased Photoshop
and had Installed it on my Computer.
 I Found Myself Opening the Program...
then Closing it...
It was New and a Little Intimidating...
But with some encouragement 
from my friend Gale,
 I persevered.
Digital Collage Beginners Guide by Jill McCall©2013
I Learn Best Visually so I formatted the Tutorial this way. I have Included
Multiple Screen Shots with Highlighted  Step by Step Directions.
I wanted to Share with you what I have Learned thus Far.
I am so Happy to be able to Offer this Tutorial to you in my Etsy Shop.
Hope you are Having a Wonderful Week!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

It looks wonderful, Jill...I got my copy and see so many things I have never used with my Elements! I've got some playing to do!

Unknown said...

Jill, So happy you are posting again! I just ordered this and I'm so excited to get started. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. Can't wait to learn!


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