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Friday, April 22, 2011

~Home is Where All Journeys Begin~

Hello Sweet Friends!
"Home is Where All Journeys Begin"
is one of My Favorite sayings.
You Might Recognize This Theme from my Fall Blog Header.
I Really Love the Art of Jessie Wilcox Smith 
and this Particular Sweet Girl is 
One of my Very Favorites of her Work.
I decided to Make her into a Journal.
It was Fun to Make  Envelopes with a Little Treasures inside. I added Mother of Pearl Buttons to the Book Marks.
I Had a a Botanical Artists Journal in Mind when I Created it! 
Hope  You Enjoy  the Journal and 
Maybe Even Find Something that Inspires You!
I am Linking Up with:

Thank You So much Debra!

 Thank you Very Much Courtney!

Thank You as Well to Karen
for Provided Us With Such Wonderful Images
to Be Creative with !

I Haven't had as Much time these Days to do Posts. 
My Father has been Not feeling Well 
and will Need to Have Surgery after Easter.
I am trying to Help as Much as I Can. 
Its Hard to see your 
Parents getting Older and Frail.
Thank You all My Friends. 
I Know you all Understand.
May You All Have a Wonderful Easter 
with your Dear Families and Friends!
Images from the Graphics Fairy 
You Can Find the Music Sheet Here,
and the Bird Here, Eggs Here, Nest Here


littlethings1 said...

Your journal is precious ! I hope you have a wonderful Easter & that your father will do well. I help take care of my parents & some days it is very hard , especially to see them failing . My dad is 99 , my mom 91 !
Blessings to you !
The Little Things

The Cranky Queen said...

The journal in just beautiful. Sorry to hear about your father. I have walked in your shoes. Blessings, Tiff

Daniele said...

such a beautiful Journal, lots of lovely details, hope everything goes well for your Father and have a happy Easter
hugs and best wishes

The Sparkly Fairy said...

This is so beautiful x

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Dear Jill,
I am so very sorry that your Father is not feeling well and will have to face surgery. I couldn't agree with you more that it is so hard to see your parents failing. I watched my Dad decline with Leukemia and then my Mom with Alzheimer's, it broke my heart. I will keep you in my prayers dear one, and I hope that your Dad will be well again soon.
I am glad you had a little time for yourself to be able to create, it is so good for your spirit and your journal turned out Absolutely Exquisite Jill, every detail is So Very, Very Beautiful!! I love how you always put your heart into each special piece that you create and you always inspire me so much my friend!
Wishing You A Lovely Easter~
Love & Many Hugs,
Carol Anne

Charlene said...

YOU INSPIRE ME SWEET JILL!!!!!!!! Beautiful journal. But, your work is always outstanding. I am so enjoying "Simply Sassy". I hope your father does well with the surgery. It is hard to see those you love age & go through these times. My husbands father is 88 & we have to be responsible for him (he lives in a home but, we oversee everything). He has totally lost his mind/memory & it is devastating for my poor husband. BIG HUGS for you during this trying time. Happy Easter. HUGS!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jill,
so sorry to hear that your father is not doing well.Your Journal is just beautiful.
Wishing you a Happy Easter and sending prayers for your father.

Sara said...

lovely, beatiful, happy easter for you, I m sorry for my english.

Heathen said...

This is beautiful! I just love your work!

Sorry to hear about your Dad.

Tammy said...

This is so pretty and feminine. I am in love with it. You have used such nice papers and pretty little buttons and ribbons. So sweet.

peggy gatto said...

I am a new follower of your beautiful and inviting place. We share many favorites!!!

Anonymous said...

This turned out beautiful, Jill. Love that image and what you've done with it.
Hugs Diane

Jeri Landers said...

I have an 83 year old mother, and it really is disheartening to watch her begin to fade. I think your father is lucky to have your love.

That journal is ever so beautiful! I wish I had one, if ever you decide to sell any of your work, let me know. I always use beautiful journals and books to draw my book ideas in.

Rhissanna said...

Gorgeous journal. I've always has a soft spot for Jessie Wilcox Smith's wonderful graphics.

I hope your father is doing better, now that the anticipated surgery is done. It's hard hard thing, to watch those you care for endure such burdens.


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