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Friday, August 19, 2011

~ Sweet Silvery Girl~

~I wander mountain to mountain,
From sea to sea,
I wander into a country
Where everyone is asleep.
There in the Land of Nod
I never think of home,
For home is there,
With sleeping doves and silvery girls,
Sleeping boys and drowsy roses.
There I find people whose eyes are heavy,
And trees with folded wings.~
~ Land Of Nod ~
~Hilda Conkling~
Love Her Poetry!
 In May I signed up 
for Parisian Dreams
with Nancy of Sugar Lumps Studio. 
One of the Pieces we were inspired to Create 
was Flea Market Clip Boards.
Lets See...May, June, July and August..
3 1/2 Months Later Here,Finally is my Piece!
I decided to try my Hand at these
Beautiful Fabric Roses
I see Everyone Making.
The Fabric I used here was Heavier than Muslin.
They called it utility Fabric at Joann's.
I just tore 2 inch wide strips by the
Width of my Fabric from Salvage to Salvage(40")
I Liked the look that tearing the Fabric gave the Roses.
I started by rolling the Center and then Twisting the Fabric
so it folded over itself,
around that Center until I had my Rose.
A little Hot Glue or
A Couple of Stitches and you are Done.

I then Stitched on  a Crocheted Doily to the back 
just to add another Element 
as well as a Covering for
the less Pretty Backside of the Rose.
 Lemay and I found some Old Paper Lace Doilies 
that had such a Wonderful Patina. It is a Little Tricky to Glue them on because they wanted to tear but I loved the Look they Gave. 
I found Matte Gel Worked Best and Also worked Very Well with the Mica I used to add a Little Sparkle to the Victorian Scrap!
Love this Look!
What I Learned in Floral Design is to
Always Cover your Naked Behinds!
So a Piece of my Favorite Sheet Music
and another Paper Lace Doily...
And we are Finished!
Loved this Project! Thank You Nancy!
If you are Interested in learning about More
of Nancy's Wonderful Courses
Click here to her Blog!
Thank You Debra!
  Thank You Courtney

I do Believe in Fairies! I do I do I do!
Thank You Karen!!!! You Can Find the Music Sheet Image I used Here!

 Yes I DO! I Do Love Paper Whimsy! 
You Can Find the Word Art Sheet  
I used for download to you computer Here
Be Prepared to find yourself perusing more than
Just this Word Art Sheet!
Gail has So Many Lovely Images for Purchase!
Feathers and Flight
nor Jill McCall
will be Held Responsible for
Excessive Purchases Made
at the above Named
Paper Whimsy.com
Hee Hee! Have Fun!

 This Sweet Silvery Girl is one of My Favorite Images from Blanca!
You can Find Her Here!
Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!



BLISS angels said...

Jill beautiful project it was worth the wait.. the girl image is darling... she has such a sweet smile.. and you added to her with your lovely embellishments... have a good weekend dear friend hugs wendy

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Absolutely gorgeous,Jill!!!
Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.

Leaping Frog Design's said...

Oh so beautiful!!!!

Sassy Marsha said...

So beautiful. Nancy is so creative and creates such lovely art, so inspiring!

JoAnne said...

Hi Jill,
I LOVE your sweet silvery girl! That fabric rose is a gorgeous embellishment.

robynart said...

Hello Jill, I always find your blog so inspiring and encouraging. Like you I've taken a long while to work on my clip board, not to mention the fabric book!! Both still awaiting completion, but seeing yours has given me some motivation. Just love the silvery girl and the fabric rose, beautiful touches. Nancy's projects are always fun!! Happy week-end, Robyn.

Pandora said...

Fantastic clipboard! Nancy always has the most beautiful projects!

Anonymous said...

This is breathtaking in its beauty. A faultless piece of art and what a treasure you have created.

Jann said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Jill...You outdid yourself with your simply DIVINE art piece and I ADORE those fabric roses, too. The depth you created draws your eye into the lovely PW image. Bravo.

BTW, your 'disclaimer' cracked me up!

Your blog is so pretty and you are one talented woman!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jill, what a stunning work of art! Thank you for sharing your beauty. Hugs to you.

Cindy Craine said...

Oh you little stinker! I just want one ounce of your creative brain! You always come up with the most beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing! xox-cindy

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Oh Jill...your project is just the sweetest! I love her darling face and the embellishments you placed around her! Gorgeous work by beautiful you! I hope you are enjoying our last few days of summer!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh Miss Jill, your creation is Absolutely Pure Perfection!! Love it soooo much!! I Always Adore visiting you to read your Sweet Posts and to see all the Beauty you Create!!
Have a Beautiful week my friend!
Carol Anne

Nook & Cranny said...

This was well worth the wait. So beautiful, love the rose.
Thanks for sharing.

Charlene said...

I LOVE your pretty clip board! So fancy! And the pansies (my favorite flower) are wonderful additions on the side. I know you will love using this treasure! And you cracked me up with the "cover your behinds"...
Have a great week! HUGS!

suziqu's thread works said...

Not sure if I have left a comment here before Jill but I do love your blog and feel quite at home here.
Your recent collage is goregous as are the image and that beautiful shabby rose. Beautiful artwork.
Love and hugs,


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