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Friday, May 25, 2012

Studio Redemption!

Oh my...  
My Love Affair with Lace
 has been a Long Standing one.
This week I have been Sorting through it 
to reintroduce myself 
with the pieces I have Collected. 
This is just the Begininng
of my Studio Redemption..
 It doesn't seem like very long ago 
that my Studio was in Order.....
It was in absolutely Pristine Shape
What Happened.....?
At Least I have 
Pictures to Prove it!
"Look Honey! See! Was Too Picked up!"
"Was Not.."
"Was Too!"
Well...for a little While anyway..
 This weekend....
Between Soccer Games 
and a Family BBQ..
My Plan...
 is to Restore it to 
its Former Glory!
What is on Your  Work Table?
Have a Wonderful,
Memorial Day Weekend!



Lisa said...

I haven't visited for awhile and forgot how absolutely gorgeous your site is... I could just jump right in! they say mess is a sign of a creative mind ♥

hope you have a most delightful weekend ♦♦♦

Dorthe said...

Oh JIll, all that stunning lace, I adore it too, and you have such beautiful things in your photo-love the heart.
As for your studio, I`m sure it looks much more pritty than mine- and as for my table, I would not be able to tell you what is on it!!! So very much there,lol. Yours looks beautiful.
Hugs to you dear.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

SWOON . . . . funny thing, I recently spruced up my creative space . . . now I'm all set to make it a total mess again!


Sandy said...

You have a dream of a studio my sweet Jill.
I wish I has these little goodies all in my studio ;)
Lucky girl.

I wish you a lovely weekend my sweet friend. xoxo

Rhissanna said...

What a lovely studio and such lovely lace! And, heh, I can't even walk across the floor of my craft room. Yours looks like a dream to work in, so inspiring!

Do I mention I'm having a giveaway that includes some vintage lace?

Lynn Stevens said...

Gorgeous things Jill. Swoon.... I just finished cleaning mine up a bit. It gets so messy in there.
Hoping to get some craft time in.
hugs Lynn

Charlene said...

Good Luck with that my friend!!!! My studio is a HEAP!!!! I just keep piling "STUFF" on to of the pile. HUGS!

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Love all of your treasures. Good luck with your studio. I am preparing mine for Karen's 2012 blog party. Hope to see you there!

Sara said...

I love lace too, and my space isnt very tidy either, but then, it never really was. Hugs Sara

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Having never visited your blog I thought that now would be the perfect time - can't find an email addy for you so will use this to say just one little thing.

But first, I need to say that your studio has NOTHING on my Crack House.

AND, we're now friends on Pinterest.
1,396 pins on Favorite Things??

lol, jan

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Jill, I see that I have missed not only some of your stunning creations but also the pictures of these lovely laces. Yummie! We can never have enough of those, can't we?


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