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Friday, January 4, 2013

An Oldie but Goodie..

 I am Dusting off an 
Oldie but Goodie Banner 
thinking about Valentines Day 
Just around the Corner

Valentines Day.....Valentines Day?!
Oh My How time Flies! 
Remember when you were Little 
How time seemed to move as 
Slow as Molasses in January!
 (I can Hear my Grandpa 
Saying that in my Head!
He had so many 
Wonderful Metaphors
 like that.)
Well just in case I haven't already,
 Wished you a 
Happy New Year 
Well Then...
~ My Wish for us All 
in this Bright New Year
is that We are Always Surrounded 
by the People We Love 
and Hold Close to our Hearts;
And that we Find 
Peace & Happiness 
in the Everyday 
and that 
 Good Health & Prosperity
 Always Finds Us~
 Have a Wonderful Year!


Erika said...

Hi Jill! Thank you vor you kind wishes. I'll give it back all to you with a bright smile. IndeedTime is running and all the Christmas decoratiom goes slowly but shure back in her boards. Sending hugs :)

Jacqui said...

Happy New Year to you too! What a beautiful banner!

ania said...

Jaka piękna praca i śliczna karteczka:)) Pozdrawiam:)

Dorthe said...

Dear Jill, such a wonderful banner,-
thankyou for your kind wisches, they are truly what is most importent in all our lives!
And a most happy New Year to you ,too -I look forward seing more beautiful art from you!

Anita Houston said...

Gorgeous! Love your Old World style! Happy New Year to you!

A Vintage Chic said...

I LOVE that banner, Jill! So perfectly you...still haven't figured out how to do one yet--I'm a slow learner! But I sure need an update soon on mine--better get with it!

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, dear friend!


Tracie Dean said...

I adore your banner!! Did you create it yourself?
Either way it is totally beautiful!

Happy Crafting


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